English training

What we do

YSA provides online English training to Chinese students, those who are interested in coming to the US for high school or college in particular. Our 1-on-1 tutoring and small group classes are fully customized to help the students improve their cross-cultural communication skills effectively. And our American teachers work seamlessly with their counterparts in China to make quality services available and affordable to Chinese families. The love and patience of these teachers are killers to win over our students and parents.

what you get

Our students will acquire an authentic American accent, enjoy the English class since it is customized to their individual interest and pace, getting used to the American approach including context analysis, critical thinking, Cornell Note Taking Strategy, to name a few. They will integrate into the American classroom seamlessly when they arrive in the US. Also, their characters will be developed with the books we choose carefully to reflect inspiring values.



what we do

YSA provides comprehensive homestay service to Chinese students from Grade 6 to 12 in Texas and Tennessee. YSA also provides application service to top boarding schools across the US.

YSA team of advisors keep close contact with our students, host families, and partner schools to develop a healthy ecosystem for Chinese students to thrive. 

what you get

It’s about a life-changing experience.

Our students not only are placed in schools with rigorous academic programs but also welcomed and loved by their host families, teachers and YSA team. They are constantly challenged to step out of their comfort zone through community service and outdoor adventure programs. 

When they graduate from high school, our students don’t just get into a top-ranked college, they become young men and women with maturity and capacity to succeed no matter where they go. 

college application

what we do

YSA provides professional consulting services for students applying to UK and American’s most selective colleges and universities. Service includes college planning in the whole high school years, application project management, major and school selections, application strategy, college essays, and interview training. Our consultants deliver personal and professional services with solid results.

what you get

Compassion, competency, and results are what we promise to our students and their families. With our consultants who know college applications in and out, you will have a well-managed project that allows you to live a purposeful high school career and a rewarding college admission. Parents would have peace of mind that their children are in good hands. Students would be encouraged to self-reflect, to set up a goal, have a plan, execute the plan, and enjoy the fruits of their work. We treat each student as a piece of artwork, not a mass product from an educational assembly line. Our goal is to help students get into the best-fit college.

life skills

what we do

Our mission is to empower youth to grow in character and competencies so that they can faithfully steward the world. To this end, YSA provides a life skill program for Grade 8-12 and college students, with the following features:
  • Teach how to fish, not giving fish.
  • Carefully designed training courses covering essential themes around attitude, mindset habits, personal effectiveness, interpersonal collaboration and communication, and leadership.
  • PBL style learning and coaching to put what’s learned into practice and solve real issues.
  • 1-on-1 personal growth coaching and psychological counseling as needed.

what you get

Vital skills required to become a life-long learner and contributor
The teenage stage is a crucial period for a child to grow into a responsible adult.
At the time of receiving college offers, students and parents would be thrilled. However, soon they will realize that entering a college is just the starting point of another game on a higher platform, only to embrace more complicated challenges.
Therefore, in addition to academic learnings, students need to gradually master a series of essential habits and competencies, most of which are not taught at school.
With YSA life skill training and coaching services, a young person will be equipped with skills to grow into a life-long learner and effective contributor to the community and beyond.

winter camps

what we do

During the Chinese New Year holiday, Chinese students from Grade 5 and above, have the opportunity to visit an American school, stay with a host family, and experience real American life. 

Students also have the chance to visit local attractions and participate in many fun and educational activities. 

what you get

Students will gain a first-hand experience of American culture and life and this will help them decide if studying abroad is a viable path for their future. They will also develop a friendship with American students, learn English, and gain an appreciation of a different people and culture. 

summer camps

what we do

YSA runs various summer camps format. 

The SpingHill camp in Michigan provides campers with the opportunity to learn English reading and writing as well as stay in the overnight camps with American students.

The No Fear camp in Colorado and Wyoming takes the campers through a series of outdoor activities in Rocky Mountain and a five-day and four-night backpack hiking trip in the beautiful wind river wilderness. 

We also have the ability to partner with boarding schools to customize a unique summer camp experience for Chinese students in California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. 

what you get

Students will improve their ability to speak and write English by practicing in real life and interacting with their counterparts in America.

They learn about American teenagers’ daily life and discover that there are so many commonalities and also differences. They become ambassadors of their own culture.

Their adventure is filled with so many first time experience: first time living in the cabin, first time into an American family, first time at the youth program at a church, and the list goes on.

They will form friendships with other campers and American teenagers even after the camp ends.

They will also gain confidence and mastery in overcoming the challenges of various outdoor activities. 

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